●     Laundry is whiter and brighter.
●     Clothing lasts longer since there is no hard water residue left in fabrics.
●     Cleans everything more efficiently with less soap and cleaning aids.
●     Use less shampoo/conditioner while leaving your hair shinier and easier to manage.
●     Reduces itchy skin.
●     Skin is softer because soft water helps reduce residue that can clog pores.
●     Sinks and toilet bowls stay cleaner longer.
●     Reduces build up of film on tubs, sinks, tile walls and floors.
●     Reduces spotting on glassware, dishes and flatware.
●     Prevents scale build-up on pipes.
●     Less energy consumption due to lack of scale build-up in hot water heaters and water using appliances.
●     Less replacement or repairs of pipes, faucets, clothes washer, dish washers, kettles, humidifiers and water heaters.

Enjoy the benefits of clean, good quality water!

Forget about all the fancy drinks and liquid touted for replenishing your body fluids during sports or exercise. Good tasting, high quality water does the job better than any of the higher priced substitutes. Yes, plain water replenishes body fluids faster than any other liquid you can drink. The beverages sold for sports purposes, including juices, have a sugar content and sugar slows the absorption of fluids by the body.
Bottom line… Soft Water saves you time and money Great tasting, pure water your family can trust!


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