Water Refiners

When you take a shower, do you smell chlorine or a “pool-like” smell?

That’s because most municipalities treat water by using chlorine to kill bacteria. However, even though it kills bacteria, that doesn’t mean it is ideal for your family.

Don’t fear, our water refiners are designed to soften your water for good!

A EcoWater refiner is designed to remove the hardness minerals, sediment and the chlorine taste and odor from your water.


EcoWater refiner systems are built by adding a layer of coconut shell carbon so the objectionable odor and taste of chlorine is removed without the need for a costly carbon filter system and subsequent filter changes.

EcoWater offers water refiners in a single tank cabinet style or a two-tank system.

Which is right for your home?

Consider the amount of space available for the system, plus the hardness of your water.

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EcoWater’s elite water softener system is our conditioner, available in a single-tank “cabinet” design. It is highly recommended for either municipal or well water supplies.

Features of the ERR 3500 Series.



The EcoWater ESM Series Water Softening System is a compact single tank “cabinet” style softener, making it a reliable and convenient system for your home.

Features of the ERR 2502 Series.




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EcoWater’s water conditioning system® is available in a two-tank design. It is highly recommended as a complete water softening, chloramine, chlorine taste and odor filtration system for the whole home..

Features of the ERRC3502 Series.





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